Bring your community to life by showing it off.

Perceptions.Live shows off your community

How can we visualize our community?

Perceptions.Live organizes content on a map and feed tailored just for you. It makes it easy for your community members to login and submit links to their content. Post marketplace listings, photo galleries, blog posts, or just about anything else.

Perceptions.Live visualizes your community

How can it enhance my brand?

Like any digital map, this is a tool to organize a broad scope of information into location and "zoom" into certain data to learn more. What makes Perceptions.Live a nifty tool is the ability to organize that information on a map and turn it into a custom interactive experience featuring comments, reviews, donations, or anything else.

Perceptions.Live enhances your brand with a map

Free and Open Source Software

Perceptions.Live is free for you to install on your own server, we just ask that you keep the link to our parent organization, PRCPTION Travel, Inc., intact. Fork us today on GitHub.


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